Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I got a very weird email today, from someone I donot know. Maybe it is some kindo f adveritisement. I am not sure for what. Maybe you wil have a clue>

Here itis:

From: “Sunny Tang”
Subject: question about DESERT
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 20:42:12 -0700


I’m at the library, may have to buzz off quick. So be forewarned my man.

There’s a new situation in the desert. A trampoline people fly from.

In the daytime the cleavage abundant. At night I saw a stick figure in a moonbeam though which was even more rad if you want to know the truth.

No one there will tell you life’s like chess.

Once you’ve been it’s not that hard to find again. The background’s everything at once. But what’s in front’s real specific, if not too well-thought-out. Like...your dad’s signature. The smell of sun in his hair.

Forgive me, but you do see my point.

So I’m thinking tonight why don’t you let Mr. Cordova fend for himself? He knows how to make a drink for Christ sake. He knows how to take a bottle off a shelf. Let’s forget ourselves like a puddle in the light. Maybe still a constellation left for us to name. I want to show you where to lie to feel the train. So what do you say we step out tonight?

Your faithful lab partner in crime,
Sunny TANG, man

What is going on, I am needing to KNOW!!!

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