Sunday, August 06, 2006

Long story short is sometimes I have to say sorry to the world, for leting its words come out soooooooo so wrong.

This is a pretty good way to say sory to the world ok. Last night at Tiki Drive-In Temple. In front of Tall Tall Gold Serious Ballooon Gods guarding White! Hot! Rock! Beneath of the only four starrs that had the stufff to show up on the sky. But , worsssst of all, in front of a kid. I commited a wordcrime., myselff!

Okay, world. The worldcrime was, I sed that "I ahve no (music) talent."

You wuld think that is no reason to say asorry to the world. So would I. But how elese to get rid of sound in head.

I thnk it is this. Now. I probably mite not have no tlent, dont matter is not even my thing. (Drive race cars, IS ALL!!!). But How rude to you world like i have knowldge more than you. I mean World cn say someone has no talent but a stupid human about a stpid human, just, no. Sory Ihave said it about other people too (cannot believe) and i justt got to stop!

World I dont knwo nothing and i invite you to callme talentless. Any comunicasion from you would be an honor. But to say it as a human, well realy embarased and sory.

I hope you can understand the mesage under this messed up mesage and not think me to conceted. I am sory I didn't notice how wrong this was until i have done it to mself.

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