Saturday, August 26, 2006

Taking POetry Writing and Salsa Danse Classes at community center to mke friends and be les lonely ok!
Working on a"Metaphor" for poetry class (see below!) What do you thinkk,

In High School they flatened your metal heart
full of cola because of what an
"amazing sound".

your drink went into the sidewalk
for no future one
to taste,
or to wake up or refresh toward the end
of a medioccre workday.

then the sun made your red cokecan color go away
and turned it gold.
But that took months
and no one knew about it,

Then, someone found you years later by the dumpsters at the Race Tracks.
They knew something was hurting their eyes
it was you
they said wel i don like those corporate sugardrinks
but that parts gone now
it is actualy the most beautiful thingg
i have seen for a longtime.

I will keep it in my racecar
the next few laps
and see what hapens, maybe
it will bring
good luck.!

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Coo coo!