Sunday, October 22, 2006

as is said on circuit you do not ask a teenager dvice about LIFE or a rookie racedriver how to getahead in line!!!!

ASKT OLDEST DRVIER in my TOWN, jOHN dOLLREICHS, possibly 60!, BEFORE HE eft for south carolina races worlds in sumer, for parting wordsof wizdom he said

I go with the flow

and then he went with flow to land of fassst aligators.

but what does thjs mean to "go with flow"????

veryunknown idea to m,e, is this another "metaphor"? i only know lava flow~

ACTALLY, COME TO THINK, after last months my advice is, donot to follow ANY advice! not even Greek Goodesss, even if she promises!


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