Saturday, November 25, 2006

Going back to Poetry Class next Sesion at Conmunity Center. Working on one now, asking many for comets on how to improve.

Ok "here goes"

life suck
but is a beautiful morning:
how does that work?

now under racecar, fixing,
see sky from angle
I did not before

palm trees theyt say come from Australia
seem starting to get used to this place,
almost to fit in

my trailer park is full of old people,
they drink & play a card game i dont understand in a secret room by the Laundry in the afternoons
they are trying to have a good time
I like that part of them

there, its the laundry smell,
someone is doing.
how can it be that
god didnt think of all the best smells,
peeople did some too?

but is true!

life suck
but is beautiful morning

i pray for some morning, for him to know
that if he had ful story
he wouldnt feel bad
he been hurt before and somehow come through
i never evereverever want to mess with that

i pray some morning he will know

nothing like that Ever happen to me before

my eyes were Too Young

to spot the Trick being played

WITH poor schizophrenic
poet boy Gods made
propose of marriage to me
on sumer vacation, far from racer K


how much I wanted to talk to them

did not believe i could just hang with Someone
thought I had to do Harder Unnatural things
for Gods who are not even nice to me

racer k sees good things and brings them out more he
wants your strength

so i am trying to be strong

the 4 days that poor sick child was here
was a surgery on me
took a week to recover
but now Eyes Transplant is complete
& can not look at Life the same

once racer k said i wasn't good enoough for him
later apologize like a flowerbud that open but stil
like a child
i wanted to get back at him
and made Greatest mistake of all,

on World Wide Web

should have waitedtil my eyes adjusted to the light

& it may be true, not good enough for racer k

but now it ring through all my silly lifetimes at once:

fuck not saying what is going on inside you for 3
months to someone you care for !

fuck mariage proposals from Gay Schizo Boy after 2
days of knowing!

FUCK THE GODDS!!!! in they cold stoney asssses!!!

fuck that!!!

racer k was
i could relate to

one more twist of the wrench,
i pray
may be this race car wil be better than yesterday

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