Sunday, February 18, 2007


(Pretty sure you are a man. ?)

OK if youare,, Pretend you are at Beauty Contest of "MISS UNIVERSE" with camera ok. (Even "Gay Man" like Miss Universe Contest right.)

Maybe you are thinking at Miss Universe Contest , "How Amazing life to let me see so much Beauty." Or even just, "how the hell did I get these tickets???"

3 May Be you start to take pics cause some guy asking you to. But maybe every single second of All-Day Competition is such Beauty= taking pics gonna take all your time! And Eyes give up on Having Fun after first few mins squinting into camera.

4. Then you notice how many countries there are in the Universe. All are important

5. Maybe you look at photos in camera so far + feel GUILTY toward Beauty & Universe not to photography GOOD ENOUGH! Maybe finally decide dont even GIVE A DAM if anyone else sees the Power and Beauty of the Universe. Is more thatn you ever seen in one place in whole life & just watching today,= IS ALL!

7. Maybe this is not how you would feel at Miss Universe Contest but anyway this is how I felt about Hot Rods on Saturday.

WHO are you anyway

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