Monday, February 12, 2007

wish i was Hot Rod of NHRA!!!! '65 mustang going, 300 mph!!!!

top reasons:

1. Beauty! Not sure how but Every Hot Rod Car GOGEOUS when even not the shiny kind and every one is Different from the Others. "Damn"

2. Excitment! 300+ mph, start racing on hind legs, wheels set ground on fire, pooping flammable, parachuting at end, commmentaor you hear but not see etc.

b3. Engine on the outside, seems good

4. don;t know about you but sometimes my life has "NAGGING FUCK OF IT ALL" type of feeling. Things regret, wory about , etc

Do you know the people who lean against the chain link fence ground level to get close as they can to Hot Rods going 300 mph?

Pretty sure = Nagging Fuck of It All put them there.

True = Hot Rods going 312 mph 100 feet away from nagging fucks gonna BLAST them right off! Even with Earplugs! "Vibrations alone" do Major Damage to Naggine Fuck, at least for awhile.

5. I want to do that for people.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to posting pictures?