Wednesday, March 21, 2007

hurted right shoulder racing over sister fence to unlock gate in AUGUST

STILL HURT donot know why or what is wrong

new insuranance Doc Bernard Reimer of flag pins and yellow ribbons come in look me up and down like a boyfrend (????) then slow pulling my shirt shoulder down saying no MRI needed, canot be fixed, will not prescribe even SLING, litle lady, we just gonna Shoot Cortisone I got needle right here!

I SAY Doc Bernard Reimer, you got no IDEA how to support the troops!!!!!

= am going lefthanded wiht sling bought by SELF TODAY. not so hard, my left hand just more angry than the right. good thing doc Bernard Reimer not here haha!

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conrad said...

i am getting a BOTOXES shot into my bad right shoulder. no JOKE