Saturday, April 21, 2007

IS another Great racer,

IS beatiful Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel, picture HERE

went to funeral
in Tulare California yesterday, and glad (though still not 100% sure if she is realy is dead)

had HUGEcircuit, for racer who done it from home. MANY fans. During tributations, Writer of this book calling her and merle Haggard "only two bards of california okie heritage' in fact!

Shwe Brought God to these races without anouncement. strange enough, born 3days before christmas died 5 days after easter. called "lay franciscan" also. Once askt me "I don't want my saints perfect. Thatd be boring, don't you think?

Don't you?"

Wanted answer! I must have thought was too complicated at the time (probly aspiring Boring Saint mysef), don't think i gave a real anser.


"remarkbly well adjusted for spinster poet."she thought she was. On a postcard she stuck in one of her books she gave me, she sayd:

an other fool
will see
what I see in
a poem

gonA take a long time to teach methat she is gone

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