Wednesday, May 02, 2007

very stange.

my trailer got biger. some how.

i do not know how this could ocure.

But feels about 15 3/4 inches wider.

i do not know how everyting feeling so open and easy now. not all tight like before. more just normal

is true, life so bigger from power of gasoline as previously said below.

=IS true!!!!!

so big i thinking, "I AM TOO BIG FOR TRAILER. I AM LIFE SO BIG!”

well. i tell you this trailer, lots of storage space. 27 ft Long, SLEEP SIX! storage space even in the floors. =Built In

3 years = still finding new storage spaces in this trailer.oh so much BIGER on the inside than it look on the outside!

but never underestimate the ability of a Trailer to Grow

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