Sunday, December 10, 2006

Litle girl next trailer to me is 10. name BETANY


(has braces = must be SMART! )

VERY BOSSY OF BROTHER JONATHAN who is 8. She always upset with him not doing things right. She always "screetching" and upset about EVERYTHING. Her Father saying "borderline personality" (????) and maybe needing Medications. I think Father is a little wierd. Weird mustache i am not liking! He putting her in Acting Class becaus of overactive imagination for now though and see how it goes.

When am hearing betany with Jonathan I CAN UNDERSTAND her. We the same, like we responsible for something not knoing what & cannot smile TIL everything is PERFECT.

Betany: Jonathan fake vomit pile on your pilow actualy mean = try to makea you SMILE!!!!

(betany he loving you so much)


lonestar said...

Medication to make children not-children, not good. Child's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

You ought to tell Bettany what you wrote, about her brother!

Science said...

What I mean is, that he's trying to make her smile, not be mean.

magma said...


I sthat my Brother Racer Cowboy Ben????????