Monday, December 18, 2006

coweorker LETITICIA =24. she studying to be a LPN, so knowing Medical Terminology and Coding very good! Her boyfriend ELI in Marine Core in IRAQ. He is 22. She showing us pictures with airplane headphones on and lying on a weird cot. She say he is Elsaldoran but me he looking like he from India. She talking about him LALL THE TIME and text mesage throughout day when eli not ON A MISSION. She calling hersself a "grandma"" because she dont go to movies, just WAITing FOR ELI TO COME HOME.

I askt how was her weekend was & she say they talk on compputer yesterday 3 hours, "sick horny bastard" she cal lhim. I am liking! Thinking, very good!

Then she ask me for a box size of "Baby Wipes container." I am looking for box under my desk etc. I say, hm, why Baby Wipes container?

= sending Eli Baby Wips?

she look like Shirley Temple getting caught of something

say he doesn't like to use toilet paper when he goes to the restroom

its too rough

!!!!!not just likeing ==I AM LOVING!!!!!!!!!you got me RIGHT HERE

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