Monday, January 08, 2007

my trailer park is mostly Old People and Children

= "packing it in" EARLYnround here. (exceot me of course!)

almost 12 othernight come back frome the dumsters i am hearing . through open window in trailer next door,

= is betany?

i go to other side of their trailer near Front Door and am seeing in in Addon Window. she kneeling at jonathan bed in dark when he asleep on Fold Out CouchBed near Christmas Tree. her face wet of tears reflect and braces too. looking like she PRAYING with hands in Church Position.

she saying a lot of stuff i could not hear. i want to knock on Window and catch her eye but would wake up her father. i go to back inside of my trailer try to send Gold To her through the blinds.

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Krista said...

People should read this.