Sunday, December 24, 2006

is almost CHIS MAS TIME!!!!!!!!!

Very Exciting

1. birthday of Baby That Give People Advice (Baby, Stroll Over Here! I Am Ready For the Magic Baby Advice!)

2. Pretend Is Snowing (I am not 100% ssure why to do this, but seem fun ok!),

3. Presents from Man You Can Not See (Do NOT Like! VERY Frustrating!! From what I heara Mr. Santa Man my type too, and I avaibable. "WHATEVER"!)

4. CANDY of Wait Until Morning (see #3, 'FUCK THAT'!!!!)

5. "Silent Nigth" is the song ok. And is true, ALWAYS a SILENT NIGHT on Christmas Night. Even with no snow in dumb old beach of Orange County, USA, is a Silent Night! Not sure why is World so serious. Wasnt Jesus kind of party guy. "Whatever" (see #3)

6. Come to think, even so exciting, so far am only giving CHRISTMAS GRADE OF "B". Jesus needing beter atendance record. He is briliant but lazy

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